Problem: Syncing Webmodeler with Desktop modeler

Hi everybody, I'm trying to sync my Webversion with the desktop version using the following tutorial: The messages show that my app is up to date etc but I can't seem to find my pages/model etc anywhere. Am I doing something wrong or could it be that the Beta version of the modeler isn't appropriate for the syncing? Thanks!  Kind regards Laurens Desktop version: 7.13
2 answers

First, You need to commit your changes to the team server and then click "sync with web modeler" button on the changes tab next to the "commit" button.


@Daniel, still no luck. Looks like the DTM (Desk Top Modeler) is syncing and retrieving information but it just shows the standard home page.

I'll create the project on the WM again but now using a completely different name. I created a few dummy projects in the past using the same name, maybe that is the problem. 

Btw: could it be that the free version of mendix doesn't allow syncing between DTM and WM