Homepage with nested data grid

This must be a beginner question, but I cannot find the answer on the forum. I would like to have a page with a nested data grid as home page. However, when I try to add this homepage in the navigation I receive the message 'The selected page * expects an object of type * and cannot be used as a home page'. When I use a microflow in the navigation and add the object as parameter, I receive the message 'Microflows used in navigation should have no parameters'. What is the best practice here?
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A page in navigation can hold a datagrid, but if you want to show a dataview you need to pass that object to the form before you can show it. Otherwise how would the model know which object to show. In such a case create or retrieve the object in the microflow and pass that to the page. You can then use this microflow as the target of the navigation. Does this help?





The source MF shouldn't have any input params obviously it's the source.

1. In your Microflow there shouldn't be any input params (Yellow Triangles :) )

2. Add a create object activity next to begin event this should be creating of type your Data View is expecting.

3. In End event double click and select return to return the newly created object.


Good place to start if not done already https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/module/8/lecture/116



Thank you for the response. In my case the homepage is just an overview page. No object is created as such. During the introduction courses focus is put on microflows linked to action buttons where the intention is to actually create e.g. a new course. Referring to this example, do I understand correctly that I need to create a new course object as input for the overview page of available courses, even though I do not intend to create a new course?