Updating a project from version 5 to 6 to 7

I've been trying to update a old internal project and It has been a struggle to find out the correct version possibilities.  I've started with a project which was created in 1. version 5.9.1 I've updated this to  2. version 5.21.5  Afterwards I've updated to  3. version 6.10.7   Afterwards I was able to upgrade to 4. version 7.3.0  and from there on to  5, version 7.13.1  My question, why was it not possible to update from (e.g.) 5.21.8 --> 6.0.1 and there was no indication which versions should be used. In the documentation it say's you should use the latest version https://docs.mendix.com/refguide6/moving-from-5-to-6 but this did not work. It was a lot of trial and error before I figured out that you can only update to version 6.10.7.  Same thing goes for going from 6 to 7.. Is there some documentation which I missed? I've tried to find some logic in the release dates but this did not help.  E.G: 5.21.4 (4/21/2016) 6.1.0 (1/5/2016) According to the documentation this should be a possible conversion but this was not accepted... 
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From my understanding the upgrade path should be


-> 5.21.9 (latest 5.x)

-> 6.10.12 (latest 6.x)

-> 7.13.1 (latest 7.x)

Did you try that path?


Hi Sjoerd,

The answer to your question why it was not possible to update from 5.21.8 --> 6.0.1 is because 6.0.1 was released on a date (December 2015) prior to the release date of 5.21.8 (June 2017). Use https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/desktop-modeler/ to determine the upgrade path.