Data View widget and simple domain model.

I'm just starting with Mendix and working through tutorials but his what seems like a small snag. I have a simple domain model as described but when I create a blank page with a Data View widget bound to the Customer entity the order relationship does not show up (either in the onverview or the create new page). What am I doing wrong?
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Welcome! Most likely it has to do with the relationship of a Customer to Order being One to Many in your model. A customer will have multiple orders, so that relationship will be a one to many relationship. In your DataView (a single object widget) set to your customer, you would need to drop in a Reference Selector, for example, to see your Orders. Or better still, drop a Template grid or List view inside of the DataView and set the Source to your Order over an Association to start. 



Thanks Nolan, you put me on the right track but I don't understand your comment about dropping in a reference selector in my DataView to see my orders.  Here is what worked for me

Customer_Overview page

  • DataGrid Type = Database, Entity = <Module>.Customer

Customer_NewEdit page

  • DataView Type = Association, Entity = <Module>.Order_Customer/<Module>.Order
    • ListView Type = Association, Entity = <Module>.Order

Order_Overview page

  • DataGrid Type = Database, Entity = <Module>.Order
    • Added column Attribute = <Module>.Order_Customer/<Module>.Customer/<Module>.Customer.Name

In Order_NewEdit page

  • DataView Entity = <Module>.Order
    • Reference selector Attribute = <Module>.Order_Customer/<Module>.Customer/<Module>.Customer.Name