Oops Something went wrong with the modeler

Problem pops up when i start the modeler, try to close it and also in a lot of other actions. I hope there is someone who can help me with this. Ive already updatet java and reinstalled the modeler.
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Hello Nils, 

There is something wrong in the Modeler settings with respect to the location where Java is installed. Can you try the following for me?

  • Start the Modeler
  • From the menu, choose "Open log file directory"
  • Close the Modeler
  • In the file explorer, go two levels up to the "Mendix" directory
  • Rename Settings.sqlite to Settings.sqlite.old
  • Open the Modeler and open a project


Does this work for you?

The exception is still a bug we should fix. Can you submit a ticket for that, please? No need to attach a test project, the stack trace is enough information.




Hello Nils,

We are fixing the issue and hopefully it would be available in next release. Till the fix is released, can you please try the below steps as work around and let us know if this works for you :

  1. Open preferences by File menu --> Edit --> Preferences
  2. Mention your JDK location in the 'JDK directory' field. (Like : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144)
  3. Press 'OK'
  4. Ignore the crash and kill the modeler through windows task manager
  5. Open the modeler again
  6. Preferences should set and modeler should work fine.