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(using 7.13) In a list view i have a text box where i can enter a specific medical specialism (for a healtcare app). There is an option to show the first 10 when clicking the text box. But is there a way to edit the first 10? Now it is only alphabetical, but I want to edit this feature. How? 1 hardcoded because some of the medical specialism are way more interesting than others, or eventually, what would be really nice.. 2 by most clicked (top ten  or top five search in a certain period, let's say over one month)? Regards, Ricardo   Image:
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Yes, instead of directly linking the list to your entity, you develop a Microflow to sort the list as you desire and use the MF as a source. You could also create a second Entity called "Sort Order" and associate the objects 1:1 with your current table and set it according to the order you want, then sort the list accordingly. I say the second option in case you don't want all of the sort logic to be runtime where you update it (build admin screens) as needed, especially if infrequent.


Hi Ricardo,

Could you post a screenshot? I'm not quite sure what you mean with the textbox, is it a default dropdown? Or an appstore widget?