Re-running project locally is not instant in 7.14.1

Hi Everyone, We started a project in 7.13.1 and upgraded it to 7.14.1, updating a running project was very quick (almost instant) even after upgrade to 7.14.1.  Now after 2 weeks later, when we just update the microflow / page in the running project and click on run locally, the re-deployment is taking bit longer then it use to take. It is taking around 30 seconds and most of the time is to build deployment structure; Just wanted to check if anyone is facing similar issue?     Thank you!   EDIT: This issue was caused by Country enumeration  app store module. I deleted this module and this issue was fixed and running project locally is quick and re-running is almost instant. Building the deployment package for cloud deployment is also quick now compared to when I had country module. I think because Country enumeration module has huge microflows and might be the reason it was taking so long to optimize and build deployment structure.
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Did you enable the "Bundle widgets when running locally"? This could take more time.