Getting error Opening JDBC connection to None failed with SQLState: after upgrading to 7.14

Everytime I start my moduler and run the project, it gives me the error "Opening JDBC connection to None failed with SQLState: S1000 Error code: -25 Message: error in script file line: 1 C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Mendix\xxxxxx-main\deployment\data\database\hsqldb\default\default unknown token:" Then I have to go to the deployment directory and delete everything in the folder to start the project. Please suggest how to fix this problem. Also, this issue was not prior to upgrading and I have two different versions running on my system for 2 different applications.. Thanks.
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To add on to this issue here are some screenshots.  The first is on the console when the error occurs.  The second is a string in the default.script file that is full of NULL characters.  The workaround fix at the moment is to delete line 1 of the file but the error eventually returns after the server is restarted.