How can I perform code reviews in the modeler?

Hello Support, I would like to establish a code review process for my Mendix developer, we have several developers and I want to make sure that they all follow the naming conventions, standards, etc. Do you have any functionality or tool to perform these? These reviews are incorporated to developer UIs like Visual Studio using TFS or GitHub but I am not sure now Mendix satifies this requirement. Thanks
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It is not ideal but with the history of the teamviewer you can inspect which microflows pages and domain models etc have changed. This tool might help if the project is not big:

With this tool you can view two microflows and it will show you what has changed. With large projects it unfortunately does not work.





The modeler does not have this type of function build in, there are however options to perfrom the checks you mentioned. At FlowFabric we use Omnext for quality checks (and more), see

Another option could be thw Application Quality Monitoring add-on from Mendix, see


Hope this helps you in finding the right solution for monitoring and controlling your app delivery quality.