Dynamic values

Hello All, I need to realise an application. Therefore I want to make a schedule where different things can be scheduled. I search on internet but don't know how i can realise the following things: When i make a new schedule there must be three options in an NewEdit: 1. individual conversation 2. lesson 3. Assessment When i select option one, i want to select a teacher and a student by a dropdown. When i select option two, i want to select a teacher and a class. And for option 3 also something different. So these things must be dynamic. Can anybody help me out, because I don't know that function to use for this.    
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One possibility is to make the 3 options as an enumeration attribute. Depending on the value of the enumeration attribute you can make the different options condition visibile in a new edit screen.See: https://docs.mendix.com/howto40/set-up-visibility-and-editability-based-on-an-enumeration