Cannot edit Date and time fileld in Editable Datagrid

Hi all, I am thinking to use an editable Datagrid. But when I set a column ('Data source' is 'Date and time' attribute ) Date format as 'Date and time', I cannot update the column's value on the editable Datagrid. What I did is as follows. 1. Created an editable Datagird , and added a column ('Data source' is 'Date and time' attribute ) Date format as 'Date and time'.   2. Did 'Run locally ' and edit the column. 3. I got an Error.   Doesn't Mendix support Date time value at editable Datagrid? ** Edit 2018/7/25 ** Mendix support said that this issue to be fixed in a future release but will not invest in a solution in the current widget.  So, I decided to use a text attribute for work-around until this issue will be fixed. The text attribute is used to input a new value. The input value is converted into Date and Time value at the entity's 'before commit event'. ***************** thanks in advance! Satomi
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This behavior is also in place in Mendix 7.14 and seems to be a bug in the platform.

Tested this with different setting for the date time format settings and all lead to the same result, when using date and time in an editable column the page will show an error on the format of the date time.

Please file a bug with Mendix support for this so the issue can be resolved in a future version.