Colomn chart using a template grid. How to get multiple objects in only one chart and not several charts.

Hi, I got a entity and some attributes with it. I want to show some attributes in a column chart. For a part this works, only the problem is that for each object a new column chaart is created. I just want one colomn chart with the information i want. This are the objects: i used the template grid, because the other except the list view worked.   So does anybody know how to fix it. So one general colomn chart for all the objects, and not multiple charts.
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The widget is inside of the template grid. The template grid creates it for every object that is retrieved from the database. Have you tried using a master object, related to all objects you want to show and display this in a dataview?


What about retrieving the data by a microflow and return only the element you want to show? It should be show only one of you chart elements.