Revision to previous commit problem

Hi, The current revision of my project was committed with version 7.13.1 of the desktop modeler. I need to revert back to the previous commit version done with version 6.10.12 of the modeler. How can I achieve this? I tried using Tortoise SVN > Show Log > choose previous revision, then the 'Revert to this revision' option. It completes successfully. However, now I can not open the local copy of my project. Opening in 7.13.1 gives a message saying that this project is version 6.10.12 and do i want to convert in-place (no thanks!). Opening in 6.10.12 from the .mpr file gives the message: "The project located at C:/Project/SH.mpr cannot be opened, because the version of the original project file is not supported by this Modeler. Please commit the project first using the Modeler that you last opened it with"   How do I progress? Thanks.
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I have used the method outlined in this thread  successfully:

When I need to do what you are describing, I create a branch with the version I want to go back to and then use Benny's second suggestion in the thread above.

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Hi Phil,

I have coworkers that have used the approach in the question listed below and its worked well. I'm not sure if these steps are different from what you have just tried, but just thought I would share just in case.


Hope this helps!