Pub/Sub mechanism in mendix

Does mendix have support for pub/sub mechanisms? If not, what approaches exist to fill this void? Use-case: a ticketing system where UserA assigns a ticket to UserB. I'd like for UserB to get an instant notification, and for the ticket to immediately show up on his dashboard (without having to manually trigger a page refresh) What we've tried: Manually trigger a page refresh. Not suitable for our use-case given that this page has several other widgets that need to preserve state. For instance, if I'm in the middle of adding notes in a text box when the page refreshes, then all the notes are lost. What I'd like to know: is there a feature in mendix that allows me to build real-time dashboards (where each context object on a page automatically refreshes itself when there's new data available on the server?) If not, is this on the dev roadmap (and what's the ETA?)
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Hi Sid,

I see you asked a similar question before:

The microflow timer is still the best solution. Just make sure that you don't refresh the full page but do a refresh in client of the object that has changed by retrieving it from the database. If that still triggers the note to disappear, then you might want to restructure your page and data model so the note falls outside of the refresh.