Could not open any project in mendix modeler

I am not able to open any project in mendix team server in mendix modeler. It was opening fine previously. But not able to open now. Even the project opened directly clicking on it, has only option to run locally, not showing option 'Run'. None of my projects are opening now in modeler. The app is opening in web modeler.  Can anyone help me on this? Please..   Hello Arjan, Thanks for your reply. Issue still persists for me. When I log in and tries to open a project from Mendix Team Server, its not showiing an option to select the local path. And on clicking OK, its throwing error.  
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Hi Reshma,

  • Are you signed in into the Desktop Modeler? When you're not signed in, the Run option is disabled.
  • If this is not the issue, can you provide a bit more information about what you mean by 'Team Server projects can not be opened anymore. What are the error dialogs you see?'