Manipulate batches of objects in mx 7

Hi, we patched our project from 7.11 to 7.14.1. The test results show that manipulating batches of objects takes about 5 times longer when running 7.14.1 than 7.11.  We're using the default instructions to manipulate batches of objects, plus we added the endTransaction in the loop to fix the database load. Do you have suggestions? Edit: Updated the process queue and excel importer module to latest version from appstore, however the test results are the same. Importing the excel file is 8x slower, and manipulating the rows in batches is 5x slower. Anyone?
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Probably you still have a lot in your memory which doesnt have any space left over to continue with the process. I would say look to ways to reduce the objects kept in memory by

1 - reduce the batch limit

2 - commit your changes before a new batch

3 - clear your committed list after a commit

4 - if you still have OOM-error I would consider breaking up the changes in multiple process queues to control more the heavy load