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As I am only a beginner user of Mendix, I have not faced any serious challenge so far.  However, my colleagues and customers will pose and have posed questions for which there are no straight forward answers anywhere around.  One of the challenging questions I heard is about how Mendix supports multi-tenancy.  Is it easy to build a multi-tenant SaaS using Mendix compared to other platforms such as (, Apprenda (, etc?  Can someone give an objective comparison of the quality of multi-tenancy support between Mendix and or some other popular HP aPaaS in a business-friendly terms (beyond what's already written in Mendix Platform Evaluation Guide (
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Hi June,

It all comes down to how you design your application. There are a couple helpful things in the app store that help with building a multi tenant app.

Here is an administration module that supports multi tennants


also here is a nice widget that allows you to have multiple themes in your project ( allowing you to switch between themes based on which user a company is from


These are the only two that I know of, but here is a link to the app store. Maybe you will find some more widgets or modules that will be helpful


Hi June,

first question you have to ask is: What is exactly required in terms of multi-tenancy? The term is quite generic but often used for very specific requirements.

Generally you can implement multi tenancy with Mendix (See links by Austin) by correctly applying security models.

Two things to note:

  • Mendix does not have an out-of-the-box multi tenant model - i.e. it's not a simple on/off, but you have to define multi tenancy on every entity of your application.
  • You cannot have separate databases per tenant - this is a model quite often used for multi-tenancy.