App for sorting out team sheet for football / sports team

i Hi I'm looking for an app that will do the following: Send out a notification email each week at a designated time with a link in it. Users click on the link which registers them for a football game the first 12 (or any specified number) are 'in' and can see that when they click the link anyone after that gets put on a waiting list, and they can see that. The day of the game a notification is emailed out confirming the team list and reserves If someone wants to drop out, they can follow the original link / link in the match day email to drop out. Any drop outs are notified to the mailing list (so that reserves can jump on the space - using a link in the drop out notification) Anyone got anything like that? Thanks
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I don't think any one would have made anything like that. You could do that though as a hobby project. If you want any help, let me know.