Conditional visibility causing duplicate microflow triggers

Hi all I have an object with an enumeration attribute and in the object data view there is some conditional visibility based on the value of this enumeration. Within this initially hidden container there are some further data views with a microflow data source. When the enumeration is first selected to show one of these data views, I can see in the debugger that the microflow is triggered twice - is there any way i can stop this from happening? Additionally, if i step through the microflows one after the other, the data set in one does not make a difference to the second. These microflows retrieve an associated object or create one if not found. Therefore the first should create and the second one should retrieve the one just created. But what I see is two objects being created   EDIT: Just to be clear - the duplicate microflow call only happens the first time that a conditional visibility container is shown Thanks Ferg
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Hello Feargus, 

Are you refreshing the client at any point in that change? i.e. when selecting an item in the enum. If so that's where the second call to your microflow is coming from.

As for the double creation - it's probably due to the first transaction not finishing before the second begins.

Hope this helps.