Upgrade from 6.10.16 is incompatible

I am trying to upgrade a project from MX 6.10.16 to 7, however, I receive the following error : "The project located at ... could not be opened, because it was created with version 6.10.16 of the Modeler, which is incompatible with this version of the Modeler." I am assuming that it is still due to the fact that 6.10.16 was created after 7.18.1, and therefor throws this error. How do I get around it? Do I need to roll back to a previous version?
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Hi Frikkie,

I've run into the same issue and it was because that the version I currently was on was created after the Mx7 version that I was trying to go too. In your case, if its possible to roll back to 6.10.15, you would be able to move to 7.18.1 but if you can't then you would have to wait until 7.19 since 6.10.15 was the latest release.