fill out a drop-down box with distinct entity values

Hi,   I'm fairly new to Mendix development and need to fill out a drop-down box with the distinct values of an attribute for some prototyping. Could be I'm stuck in some traditional desktop programming patterns but I can' seem to figure out what widget to use and how to fill them. References of online samples, tutorials etc would be greatly appreciated. Regards
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Hi Yves,

In Mendix you can use a reference selector for this and than add values to your drop down on several ways. In my case I have an House which has an housekeeper. I only want to show the available persons there. I add 2 entities, House and Person and make an Association between those 2 named HouseKeeper.

Now on the detail page of House I add a reference selector from the toolbox or drag and drop the Name property on the page 

Then open the tab "Selectable objects" and you have 3 options, in my case i select xpath datasource and give it an xpath constraint '[Available]' which equals 'Available = true()'.


More info on the other options here:

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