Is it possible to install a Client Certificate on a Modeller app delivered locally to make it a HTTPS: site?

Hi I wonder if anyone can help with this : I am developing  an app in Mendix Modeller and exposing is with a proper DNS domain name rather than Localhost. This works just fine with an HTTP address, but I need to use an HTTPS address (because the app uses OAuth to link to Microsoft Azure B2C to authenticate users and Microsoft have setup B2C so that will only communicate with HTTPS addresses, not HTTP ones. I'm familiar with setting up HTTPS bindings on Apache and IIS and certs generally. I want have a suitable Cert with Private key available (actually a domain wildcard cert) and I've followed Mendix' instructions here for linking the cert to a project in Modeller, for adding "ClientCertificates" and "ClientCertificatesPasswords" entries to Project >> Settings >>Custom. When I launch the app the log shows the Cert getting discovered and added to the project, however the HTTPS: url fails (404 error) whilst the HTTP:  url still works. Anyone out there tried using Client Certificates on Modeller?  Many thanks Rob Wombwell
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You don't need a client certificate to make it an HTTPS site. You just need a server certificate.

You can run your app locally without any changes, and make an HTTPS site in IIS that shows the app. How to do that is described in