How to handle json object with dynamic key name

Hi All, I have a json object as below:    "ServiceData": {         "modelObjects": {             "abc": {                 "uid": "abc",                 "className": "className"             },            "abc2": {                 "uid": "abc2",                 "className": "className"             }         }   The keys "abc" and "abc1" are dynamic. Below is my domain model   I referred few posts from the forum but could not find the information on how can I handle this dynamic key. Because when I get the response from REST call, the keys are different than what I have specified in my json, so it does not create any object under ModelObjects. Below is my Import-mapping   I am not sure what key should I mention in my json and how to retrieve it at rumtime.   Can anyone please help?   Thanks, Pallavi
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If the attributes of the object with the dynamic name are always the same, you could try to return the json string in your REST call, do a manual replacement, so that the names are always the same. And then apply the mapping.

Maybe there are better solutions, but that's my first thought.


The property names "abc" and "abc2" are not known in advance, so they can't be used in an import mapping.

There are two solutions:

1 - Can you change the JSON format? If modelObjects were an array instead of an object, you could parse i. The property values are available in the uid property.

"ServiceData": {
        "modelObjects": [
                "uid": "abc",
                "className": "className"

                "uid": "abc2",
                "className": "className"

2 - If you can't change the JSON structure, you need a custom java action that converts the json into the format above.