Cannot update a Mendix 6.10.16 project to Mendix 7.

Hello, I am moving a project from Mendix 6.10.16 to Mendix 7.18.1 and would like to update the project versions in small increments to avoid errors with java actions etc. I have tried to update this project from Mendix 6.10.16 to Mendix 7.02 all the way through Mendix 7.6 and have encountered the same error each time that the project could not be updated because it is not compatible with Mendix 6.10.16.  Mendix documentation recommends updating to the latest version of Mendix 6 (which is 6.10.16) before updating to 7 but so far every version of 7 I have tried to update to has been incompatible. Do I need to jump to a higher level of Mendix 7 to upgrade or is the issue with upgrading from 6.10.16?   Thanks, Neil
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The problem is that 6.10.16 was later then 7.18.1. Try 7.19, it probably will convert.