Change font size inside reference selector and input list view?

Hi everyone, I was trying to change the font size inside the input of a list view and reference selector and was wondering if this is possible from within the modeler or if I would have to divert changing the css? I've tried putting it practically everywhere on a layout-grid, the column of the lay-out grid, list view itself, input of the list view itself, the reference selector etc. I did manage to change the font-size inside an editable datagrid but I can't seem to succeed in doing the same for the editable list view. The style I am using is of the format: font-size:10px; (PS: I do have the atlas UI resources, but didn't see anything on the atlas UI helper classes that seemed of use for font size)
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Hi Desiree,

You can create a custom css class for this (or change it for all input fields in list views), easiest way is using sass (see:

Its not possible to do this from inside the modeler, but if you follow the above howto guide it can be manipulated in no time!

Let me know if you need any additional help!