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Good Morning, I am using windows but I am curious about the option to use Mendix Desktop Modeler on Mac OS. I know that there are forum posts saying that this is not possible (out of the box) and I know that Mendix only provides Windows files. But in this new learning path you can see, that they are using it on Mac OS. I think it would be very disappointing for the Mac users to see that the Mendix employees are showing Desktop Modeler running on Mac but telling them that it is not possible for ordinary users. So I assume that there is an official way to do this. Any Mendix employees who are able to tell us what's the status of Mac OS Desktop Modeler?
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Agree with you Andreas platform used in platform released videos, should reflect what is possible for the default user.

As far as I know, a MacOS version will never be released.  Webmodeler is the future and thus OS independent.


Hi Andreas,


Running the modeler on a Mac would make tons of people very happy! Unfortunately, in the video, you can still see the Windows native ‘minimise, maximise and close’ buttons. Parallels, (and other vm's) do a very good job in making Windows apps integrate seamlessly and you thinking it's a native Mac OS modeler is proof of that!

But let's keep asking about a Mac modeler and hopefully one day. Would increase productivity 6 times as well!





Looking at the latest AtlasUI, I think the MacOS modeler must be ready soon

Atlas UI LoginThis is the latest login screen image...


Hello everyone!

I am the voice from the video who was running the Mendix modeler inside a Windows VM on my Mac. I think that there are a good number of developers who prefer to work in this fashion (indeed, I'm a consultant on the Mendix Expert Services team, and I do my day-to-day Mendix development on a Mac with a Windows VM). Maybe one day we'll have a native Mac Desktop modeler, but for now we can use Parallels!


I'm a Mac user, and the only way to do this is to use a VM such as Parallels. This actually works very well most of the time, but it is an additional cost.

I hope a native Mac modeller is developed, but I doubt it ever will.



I'm new at Mendix and being a MacOS user I don't really consider it a good experience having to use a VM every time in order to user Desktop Modeler, even more considering my machine is not very generous with RAM.

I understand a MacOS version it's not very likely to be developed, so my question is:

Will Web Modeler have 100% capabilities (as Desktop Modeler does)? There're some actions that show a message asking you to use Desktop.


Port to Qt...


ok so there are a couple of levels to this question.

Running MX on Mac
I've been using Mendix on a mac for a while at my previous job (through parallels) which isnt great, but it is possible.

MX supporting Native client.
From what I've heard is that they are currently working on a mac client and it should be ready mid 2018...
I know that they have an icon and an executable running, but that's where my knowledge ends.

Platform Independence
Like Rene stated, the webmodeler might be the way to go.
If there is a way to have the power of MX in a web enviroment than that should create and solve a lot of problems.
This is seen with Slack and Atom that run on and pgadmin4.

At my current position I've switched to windows, and I can do basically everything I can with a make (besides running some mac only programs). Do the benefits of multiplatforms support outway the cost of dividing the development team?