Conditional visibility based on parent data view or value of form field

I have a nested form structure: Data View - [Order, page parameter] Data View - [License, over association 'License_Order'] Field 1: [License_Order/Order/OrderType] (read only, enum) Field 2: [License_Description] I want Field 2 (License_Description) to be conditionally visible depending on OrderType. Either from the parent Data View (Order, page parameter) or from the value of Field 1. I understand that you can only have conditionally visibility from the direct Data View (in this case License), even with an expression. How else could I achieve what I need, please?
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You have a couple of options for this for example:

- There is a widget: 'showbycondition' that lets you hide or show something based on a microflow
- You could use multiple dataviews that are hide or shown based on the parent data view
- You could extend your domain model with options on your child data entity in order to be able to do the conditional visibility