Desktop modeler doesnt show already created components

Hi all.  I am working on the "LearnNow Training Management" app in the Learning Path "Become a Rapid Developer (Analyst)". The Analyst learning path focuses on using the web modeler. There is a problem with the web modeler (that others in this forum seem to have as well). When I use the Publish button, it gives me the message "Retrieving app environment status" and will show that for hours without any results. But now my real issue. As described above publishing in the web modeler does not work for me, so I want to switch over to the Desktop Modeler. When I select "Edit in Desktop Modeler" it starts my desktop modeler as expected and opens the app. But not with the components I already created in the web modeler, like pages and entities. It just starts with a blank canvas like it starts a new project. I expected to be able to just switch between web modeler and desktop modeler and continue on what I was working on, but that does not seem to work. Any ideas, suggestions, etc? I use modeler version 7.20.1. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, john
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Hi John,

In order to get the changes made in the web modeler you have to synchronize them in the Desktop Modeler first.

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