Keyboard shortcut issues

Hey Forum! This question is not related to a development question. Recently I experience that I can not use shortcuts such as ctrl+s, del, ctrl+c or ctrl+v when using the modeler for a bit. It only works initially and goes downhill from there. I also experience that I can eg. overlay microflow properties and selection on top of every other window, even if the modeler is minimized. Have a look at this screenshot: Maybe this is somehow related? Did someone experience this, too and maybe knows how to fix it if it is not related to the modeler itself? I am only experiencing this when using the modeler, keyboard is working just fine in different context. Wish you happy holidays! PS.: Experienced this since modeler 7.20   Edit: The issue has been fixed in modeler version 7.22.1
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"In certain situations, the Modeler stops responding to shortcut keys. We are investigating where this behavior is coming from. (Ticket 77902)"

This is from the list of known issues in 7.22 Maybe it already existed before.


The issue has been fixed in modeler version 7.22.1 - Thank you ;)