New profile type in Navigation - Native phone

Hi Guys,    Have you already noticed (Modeler 7.22) the new available options while creating a profile within the Navigation? There are two new entries called the same, i.e. "Native phone".    Has anyone tried using the above mentioned already? Are there any differences between them (looks like one of them is not working properly - I was unable to assign any home page to it)? The release notes don't mention any changes in the Navigation.      Cheers,     Bart 
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The duplicate “Native phone” profiles that are shown in the “Add Navigation Profile” screen are caused by a bug and will not work, so please do not use these profiles. The other profiles are valid and will work as expected. This issue will be fixed in the next release (7.22.2). 


The only thing i could find about this in de the documentation is this:

There is a small breaking API change where the property navigation.NavigationDocument.profiles is now of a different type to accommodate the introduction of native navigation profiles. For Mendix version 7.21.0 and earlier, these profiles can be safely casted to navigation.NavigationProfile. In Mendix version 7.22.0 and later, there can also be instances of navigation.NativeNavigationProfile in this property.

Check out the release notes from the model SDK: 

I think this is why it is there