Excel Exporter Module - exporting empty sheets, help?

Hi there, I had a question about the excel exporter module. I was trying it out in a test project and I followed the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/using-the-excel-exporter And I now have the situation where an excel is generated with worksheets that are properly named, the excel itself has the name I gave it but it's completely empty. It doesn't even contain the column headers itself. I checked whether I had data in my database. I have an association in my domain model between the document entity and another entity: This is what I tried at first, I've also tried setting document I create as the association like this: But that also resulted in empty rows. I tried making the retrieved data start at lower rows than 1 as well, but it stays completely empty... Anyone any hints as to something I've forgotten to do or should try?
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Dont know if it helps your case but check out this: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/92206

And does your user has acces rights to the entity you want to export?


Okay so I figured out what I forgot, I didn't commit the reference since I assumed it would be enough to set it in the microflow as I assumed it then would be in the memory at time of report generation.
I'll add it as a feedback item for the documentation, thanks Maarten!

PS: to anyone else getting empty excels after it worked with one entity. If a reference entity is empty it empties the whole sheet and you might have to use a different type of join for the database retrieve under associations as it automatically starts with Inner join: