Best practice for building multiple applications for one team: Using 1 Mendix project or keep them separate?

We are starting a new project to replace 5 antiquated interfaces.  Two of them are for internal employee use only, 2 for customers (basic webpages) and 1 that serves both. They currrently have their URLs and two different themes.  I was thinking it would be better given some of the similarities between them to build them all inside of a single Mendix application as opposed to building and maintaining 5 separate desktop apps. A few questions for those that know or have done this before.  How have you felt this was best handled?  If we use a single Mendix app, there would have to be some kind of user selection to be made for the internal agents to choose which of the three applications for them to access.  How can this be done?  There are 2 different themes that need to be created.  Any ideas on how best to accomplish this?
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I assume you want the cost down because with seperate apps you have higher Mendix costs. Here my thoughts:

Themes can be handled with this app:

so that part is not a problem.

Creating a multi tenant app from scratch is also a doable thing. Be aware because mistakes can be made and it depends a bit how damaging this can be. Depends a bit on sensitivity of the data.

For the internal agents I would probably give them multiple accounts. So for each tenant their seperate account. Depends a bit on the work they have to do. You can make life easier for them with a autologin feature so they can switch more easy between their different accounts.