form is not shown on version Desktop Modeller 7.20.1

Sign-in form is not shown on version Desktop Modeller 7.20.1 . But i cannot work on my laptop on version 7.20.1. I try to find the solution for this problem many days ago, but i dont fine the solution yet. Do u give me some suggestion please? On version 7.20.1, which framework that is use for sign-in form on Desktop Modeller: .Net Framework, Java or other something???
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We just released Mendix 7.23.2 which includes diagnostic improvements to the sign-in dialog.

The Modeler logs all requests from the internal browser that fail. To check the logs, open the Modeler and choose Help > Open Log File Directory. This will open the log file directory in the Windows File Explorer. The latest logs are in log.txt. Older logs are numbered.

By passing the command-line argument --enable-chrome-dev-tools, the Chrome developer tools will show up on top of the sign-in dialog. You can check whether you see anything suspicious in the Network or Console tab if the sign-in dialog stays empty for you. The network tab may show requests that have a status other than 200. The console tab may show Javascript errors.

To start the Modeler in this way:

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler
  • Open a Command Prompt or Powershell (check the File menu)
  • Type .\Modeler.exe --enable-chrome-dev-tools


We hope this will allow you to diagnose the problem and fix it or to submit a more specific ticket to our support team.



Hey Hien,

Did you try unistalling it and reinstalling it? It seems that the problem is only based on your laptop. You could try to delete all the data of the client and try again. If this does not work I would suggest you to send a support ticket to Mendix so they could help you with fixing this problem. 

Go here to send a support request 


Hope they can solve your problem Hien!


Kind regards,




Thank Tim van Steenbergen so much.

In my PC at my office, i can signin on 7.20.1 successfully, but it’s not work on my laptop for version 7.20.1


Maybe some proxy settings or ports blocking the connection with Mendix?


Probably a temporary problem. Justed tested it and yes it does take more then two seconds, but the login form does show up, having the new layout:

If it still happens, I would advise to re-install modeler 7.20.1.

If it then still happens, raise a ticket at


Thank you all (Tim van Steenbergen , Viet NgoRene van Hofwegen) so much.

I reinstalled it but it’s not worked.

 I sent a support ticket to Mendix, so i hope they could help me with fixing this problem.