Validation Like Behavior

The customer needs to be able to show that an entered value is out of range but allow saving the value anyway. Here is what I have tried: Use attribute validation: I can not do that with the out of the box validation it seems. It does not let me save. I have tried to add a text field which contains an expression similar to what I have in the validation but I can not reference the $ value property to do a comparison against the entered value.  I only have $currentobject does not yet have the new value it seems. I have tried to create a nanoflow to run on the on change event of the textbox field. (I am not sure if this will help as it may not let me save if there is an error.) This ends up showing validation errors on all the fields not just the one I am checking.   Is there a way to do this?
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Hi Steve,

What you can do is use a microflow for your save button. This microflow will have a parameter of the same entity type as your form, and then at the beggining of the microflow you can use exclusive splits to do all your validation. If the exclusive split is true then save, if its false then show a message or validation feedback.


Hope this helps!