Modeler fails to start, no message.

I installed Modeler as Administrator.  Running 7.22.0 on Win10 64 bit. When I double-click Modeler, the “Sign In to Mendix Modeler” window pops up but it is blank. I can’t find a log file.  Is there a log directory?
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We have been told about this issue multiple times but so far we have not been able to reproduce it. I guess it has to do with some property of the network you are on. In 7.23.0, I hope to add some code to diagnose this issue so that we can point you in the right direction (or we can make a fix for it). 

Update: we are in the process of releasing 7.23.3 which will contain a number of improvements to diagnosing these problems. 

Update 2: in 7.23.2 and up, you can pass the command line flag --enable-chrome-dev-tools to the Modeler. This will show the Chrome developer tools on top of the sign in dialog. Perhaps you can see something in the Network or Console tabs of those tools.


I have the same issue and it is a graphic issue.

If you know what to expect on this screen, just enter your email, press tab, enter your password, press enter.

It works as expected. But you can’t see it.

If you see a blank screen, resize the window, most of the screen will appear. However, you still can’t see what you type.


UPDATE: In my case it has to do with the graphic card. If I disable the driver, it works fine.



you have a config file for Modeller. it is Modeler.exe.config

For logs try to find it under


or in my case



I hope this helps you.





Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately the log doesn’t show any issue.

2019-01-31 15:50:52.3507 INFO Mendix.Modeler.WindowsGui.App Starting Mendix Modeler
2019-01-31 15:50:59.3564 INFO Mendix.Modeler.WindowsGui.App The Modeler has successfully started.

But I still just get a blank screen.  I will uninstall and try 7.22.2.


You are not alone: and others.

Might be due to a network issue. Failing internet connection perhaps?


This issue is on my work laptop.  I have tried it both at work and at home and the issue follows.

However I just downloaded the Modeler on my home PC (Win10 64-bit also) and the login window appears without issue.  So obviously the issue is with my laptop.  I will continue to try and determine the issue.


Hello ,was the same issue. Right click on Modeler icon > troubleshoot compatibility > accept changes > test program.