Server failed to start. See details for the server log. => No details in log

Yesterday i was working locally in 6.8.1 and today morning i was not able to run the modeler. i see an error like  “Server failed to start. See details for the server log” with no details in server log, the well known. While it was working  yesterday normally. Furthermore I had no meaningfull changes at all (software/hardware). Just a normal low-code day.   I’ve tried: Reinstallation of 6.8.1 did not help  Changing language settings did not help  Deleting deployment folder did not help  Deleting project folder and downloading fresh from teamserver did not help  Even upgrade of the runtime to 6.9 and opening it  there did not help   Any idea’s?   … Solution for my was: 1 – Deleting JDK and then reinstalling it with modeler 2 – And creating new database   There is no meaningfull and clear answers to this issue on the forum, so therefore re-post.  
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Check if your database is running. Also check to see if you see anything suspicious in the event viewer of windows.