Publishing app

Hi there! I’m trying to publish my first app (LearnNow Training Management) but the publishing is very slow, the message says “retrieving app environment status” but it’s really taking too much time.    is it because it is the first time that I publish it or there’s a problem with the publishing? if I remember correctly there was this problem a few months ago.  (i’m using the Web Modeler) Thanks for help Antonella
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The first time you deploy an app, Mendix will need to setup the environment. If you’re running in a sandbox even more so. My guess would this is down to the fact it is a first time deployment.


Also, if you are running in sandbox, Mendix shuts down the app if it is not used. This means whenever you start using it, Mendix will first have to start the app again, which also takes a noticeable amount of time.