List of Mendix Reserved words?

I am using SDK to create entities and attributes in the domain model. Found that I cannot have attributes with names like ‘id’ or ‘type’ since they are treated as reserved words by Mendix. I tried looking into the documentation to figure out if there is a list of reserved words, but I may have missed it.  Is there a comprehensive list of Mendix reserved words? 
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I think this is a bug in the SDK but could be convinced it's just missing from the documentation.

In any case, yes, this is missing from the documentation.


The same problem exists for the name of an entity. Reserved words that I know which are not allowed as name for an entity nore as name for an attribute:

  • id
  • type
  • case
  • if
  • else
  • finally
  • class
  • boolean

None of them very likely to be used as entity-names, except for Case or Class, both of which are leading to very annoying problems.

Any more?




Hi Sunil,

I don’t know of a list of these words but whenever I run into this issue I usually add an underscore at the beginning of the name.

I also know guid is a reserved word.