Can I upgrade my app from 6.10.4 to 7.20.0(which is the latest version)? Do I need any prerequisites to do so?

Hi all, I have build an application with 6.10.4 version modeler. Now I want to use SMTP Email module for my application which is not supported by 6.10.4 version. So I want to upgrade my app to 7.20.0 which is the latest version of mendix modeler. Can I upgrade this directly from 6.10.4 to 7.20.0 or do I need any prerequisites to do this? Please suggest me whether it works or not. Thanks in advance.    Regards, Venkat
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It all depends how much appstore module you are using because you need to upgrade all those modules. And it is dependent on the amount of consistency errors you will find in your database. See also the documentation here:

You can do a test migration and I would suggest to move to 7.22.2 (7.23 is on it's way). To do a test migration make sure you have everything commited to the teamserver. Then open the Mx7 modeler and open that project and try starting it. If you run into trouble the forum is here to the rescue :)

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