Message definition and self association

Good Morning, I try to create an export mapping based on a message definition. My main object has got some self associations and I need to include at least the unique identifiers (AutoNumber) of these associated objects into my mapping. The problem is: When I drag and drop the associated object, the mapping is not able to find the association. I can not select it. The only option that seems to work is using a microflow (that is only doing a retrieve by association). Has anybody else experienced this? Is this a bug or am I missing something?
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Something between a bug and a missing feature. But indeed, it is not possible to do that.

Self-associatons are always a pain – in a microflow the retrieve by association will also only work in one direction.


Getting no answer about your post since creation, sounds like an Mendix issue, doesn’t it?



I am also trying to export and import an object A with a self associaiton or self reference to object B. The self reference doesn't show up in the export mapping, but you can use a microflow in the export mapping to select object B.

However, importing object A with a self reference to object B is a problem. Lets assume that object B already exist and I want to import object A. I have selected the self reference in the import mapping. After I have imported object A, object A doesn't point to object B, but object B points to object A. It seems the import mapping sets the self association in the wrong way.