Open a microflow with a page in a new tab/window?

What is the best way to open a page (with a context dataview) in a new tab/window? I have microflow that opens a page and I would like to open this page in a new tab or window. I’d rather not open it as a pop-up. As far as I know it’s not possible by default in Mendix. Thanks!    
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Use the URLredirector widget, this has the options for new window/tab. Pass a non-persistent object to a popup page and use a Microflow timer to close this after some seconds


Thanks for your response Pim.
With this widget I only can open a url but I think I want to run a Microflow in a new tab.

I want to open a Mendix page /form in the new tab/window.
So that means I want to pass a context object via microflow and open a new tab (the new page) with a dataview of this context object.

Is that possible?