Excel Importer much slower after upgrading to 7.23.1

We recently upgraded one of our development projects from 7.22.2 to 7.23.1.  After the upgrade the Excel Importer is much slower.  Under 7.22.2 a file with ~ 25,000 records would load in about 15 minutes, but under 7.23.1 it takes almost  2 hours.  The imports are simple imports to only 1 entity, and no reference objects.  We have installed the latest (5.19) version of the Excel Importer module, and tested with 7.23.2.  Neither of these had any noticeable impact on performance.   Anyone else notice any similar issues ?
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Just wondering, did you update (or remove older .jar version) the other (depending) modules aswell?


  • MxModelReflection module. This module is required in order to configure the mapping between the excel columns and the domain model.
  • The replication.jar file (supplied in the mpk file). Make sure to remove any older versions of replication.jar before installing this module if you update you don't need to remove the library anymore. If you did have an old replication.jar file and you were using the excel importer please update the database replication as well since you need database replication 3.0 or higher when using this module.