Listen to Data view within List view or Template grid is not working

Dear fellow Mendix developers, We have a page showing Grand Parent objects in a Template grid. Within the Template grid cards, a Parent grid lists all the Parent objects. Right beside the Parents, a Data view is listing to the Parent and shows the Children in a grid. With Template grids, this is not working. The Parent data view on the right is empty and, thus, no Childs are shown. Replacing the Grand Parent Template grid with a List view, the Parent Data view is shown with information of the Parent selected in the Parent grid. The problem now is that every Parent view is showing this information, not only the Parent view that is in the same card. Below a picture of the situation. Clicking on Parent BBB, the Data view on the right is filled both for Grand Parent 111 and Grand Parent 222. Does anybody experience the same and knows a solution? Thanks for reading! Toon  
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