Vaidation rule value is not a number

Hi, when I create a validation rule in an entity in the domain model, I can enter “0,1” instead of “0.1” in the area “Range”->“Greater than or equal to (>=)” textbox. As a developer I would assume that the value is validated and detected as an error, as 0,1 it is not a number (comma instead of decimal point) before I can run the project. Instead it throws an exception at runtime…   My language settings are “English, United States (default)”. Is this a bug?
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Apparently this isn't validated in the Mendix modeler. Technically it should have a dot as separator.

Though not a blocking issue, since it can easy be changed and this bug should appear in your local tests before deploying to test/prod

to get this fixed in the modeler: file a bug report at Mendix.