Desktop Modeler -> View Mode Not working

My desktop modeler view mode is not working at all, its loading and loading… I can only see blank page for all device type (tablet, phone, desktop)   I am just following the Rapid Developer learning path and haven’t done anything beyond what is said in the course :( Edit Mode:   View Mode:   View mode is same for all desktop, mobile , tablet
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I have seen this too! File a Support ticket to Mendix
Meanwhile, may be in the same modeler try to create a simple page without any heavy Custom Styling, check if that comes up in VIew mode. (to rule out Modeler issues)
(Why i say this: once i saw that my computer took long time to respond as opposed to a faster computer which showed the same page quickly – processing power) Good luck


Hi Gourav, 

Could you file a support ticket for this, and add an .mpk export file of the project (File → Export project package)

So we could investigate this issue. 

  • Do you see a blue loading spinner circle or only a blank screen?
  • Do you see the blank screen every time you’re trying to use View mode. Or is this issue solved when you close the page and reopen it or restart the Modeler?
  • And do you see the blank screen for every page you’ve created in this app?