Import Mapping returns an ID rather than the full object hierarchy

I am following along with this webinar ( to invoke a REST service. I’m using 7.3.1 of CommunityCommons and 5.2.1 of RestServices. I have a breakpoint at the end of a microflow. When I call the REST service and return a string, I see the full (JSON) structure. Then, I create a JSON_structure from the response and an Import_mapping. In the video, the entire hierarchy of objects is returned at about 19 minutes 40 seconds. I’ve tried this a couple of different ways (select the entire element hierarchy, select a subset), but only get the top-level element.  (See There is a warning: “Array contain multiple JSON object definitions. Only first will be used.” Does anyone have ideas for why the import mapping is not returning the full element hierarchy? (Nothing like this appears to have been encountered in the video.)
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