Not able to install Mendix 7.23.2/7.23.3 on windows after migrating to openJdk. Is mendix checking any default location for local java distribution?

Hi All,   I am facing issues while installing the latest version on windows, its completing all the steps till finish dialogue .However after I click finish nothing happens, the installed directory is empty. In Mendix version selector, this installed version is present in the list, however it says ‘The system cannot find the file specified’ when tried to launch from there. We had recently changed to openJdk.. Please help me to rectify this. Is mendix checking any default location for local java distribution?   The issue is happening  for even older versions, please find the installation log, however its showing action is completed successfully: (after clicking on final dialogue the C:\windows\SysWOW64 directory is pops out ) C:\Users\harisanker_b\Downloads>Mendix- /exelog installation2.log 2019-04-19 14-04-40-Full command line:"C:\Users\harisanker_b\Downloads\Mendix-"  /exelog installation2.log 2019-04-19 14-04-40-Command line to pass to MSI: 2019-04-19 14-04-41-Extraction path set to:\\?\C:\Users\harisanker_b\AppData\Roaming\Mendix\\install\ 2019-04-19 14-04-41-Extraction path set to:\\?\C:\Users\harisanker_b\AppData\Local\Temp\{E543EAEA-A6E0-4D00-B19B-883A30A5815A}\ 2019-04-19 14-04-41-Maintenance mode:false 2019-04-19 14-04-41-Detected Windows Installer version:5.0.16299.1087 2019-04-19 14-04-42-Language used for UI:0-English (United States) 2019-04-19 14-04-46-Searching for:.NET Framework 4.6.2 2019-04-19 14-04-46-Search result:An acceptable version was found. 2019-04-19 14-06-49-Code returned to Windows by setup:0 2019-04-19 14-06-49-=====================End of Log===================== Regards, Hari
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You could try to open a support ticket. I think not many people already did the transition to OpenJDK 8.





As of Mendix 7.23.3, we check two locations in the registry to see whether OpenJDK or Oracle is installed. If neither of them is there, we install OpenJDK. But I don’t think the installation failing has to do with the switch to OpenJDK.

Perhaps you can try and get an installation log by passing a parameter to the installer from the command-line. For example:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads> Mendix- /exelog installation.log

Hopefully that will give some clarity.