Desktop modeler on Virtual Machine in Azure

Hi everyone,  We want to run the desktop modeler on a virtual machine in Azure. The problem we are getting is lag of the system and low framerate (30fps). What are the minimum requirements when running the desktop modeler on a VM in the Azure Cloud?? Or is it wise not to run it on a VM? We now have a D4 with 16 Gb memory and 100Gb ssd. The connection to azure goes through a shared line with 250 other users. Maybe this is the problem.  Has anyone experience with developing on a virtual machine? 
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I’ve been using an Azure Windows VM to run Studio Pro for about a week now and I’m loving it. The VM spec is Standard D4ds_v4 (4 vcpus, 16 GiB memory), and my internet speed gives me 22Mbps up and 4Mbps down. Previously I was running Parallels on my MacBook Pro, but it was too resource hungry. Not experiencing any lag, and the speed increase has helped massively with productivity – EVERYTHING is faster. 

The only hiccup was that my local application DB wasn’t on the VM when I downloaded the Mendix project. Easily fixed by copying the data file from my local instance to the VM project. 

To keep costs down I’m shutting down the VM each night or whenever I finish work. 

For the Original Poster, I’d test it out on a faster network connection it should deliver better results.