Range search field for dates, upperbound inclusive, not working properly.

From the documentation: Given an entity that contains a range, this search field is used to find all entities whose range overlaps with the specified value. Example: given an entity ‘Festival’ that has a ‘Start’ and an ‘End’ date, which Festivals take place at day X?   I have a festival in the database: StartDate = June 21th  2019 00:00:00 EndDate = June 24th  2019 00:00:00. There is a dataview with a range search field: >= StartDate <= EndDate. When I choose June 24th  2019 for in the range field, the Festival doesn't show. When I change the EndDate in the database to: June 24th  2019 00:00:01. When I search again it does show up.   It seems as though the upper bound operator (<=) acts like it is not inclusive (<).
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