Missing starting points

Good Morning, I want to create a new application with Mendix 7.3 The reason is, that it will be a module to be used in other applications. An early 7.x version does make sense. The problem is, whan I create a new app, the modeler asks me to choose a starting point. Unfortunately, there is none to choose from. It seems like they are all updated to later Mendix versions. Is anybody else having this problem? Did anybody solve it? Thanks (I think I will open up a support ticket about this and keep you informed)
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Mendix support has a solution for the problem.

You need to work offline with the modeler. (Sign out before creating a new project). Now the blank app exists. After creating the project, you can log in again and enable team server for version controll.

It’s still more a workaround than a solution, but it works.


I created a new app in 6.10.3, which does have a Blank starting point. Then, I opened the app in 7.2.0 and was able to convert it in place.


This definitly seems like a support ticket to me;)

Can't you use the completly blank option?